SAP Calculations for New Builds

SAP Calculations For new Builds & Developments

SAP calculations for new builds (Standard Assessment Procedure) are necessary if you’re looking to build a new home within the UK. A full set of SAP calculations will be required by Building Control before you start any development or building work.

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SAP calculations are the government standard assessment procedure for assessing the energy performance of dwellings. The SAP rating is based on energy costs associated with space heating, water heating, ventilation and lighting.

We can then deduct cost savings from energy generating technologies, such as solar panels if installed.

SAP Calculations For New Build

What are SAP Calculations?

SAP calculations or SAPs were created to ensure that new build properties and developments meet the energy and environmental policy initiative, put in place by the government. The new build can also be assessed to compare the energy and environmental performance. This is to ensure it fully complies with Building Regulations. The overall target is to measure the energy levels that a new build development will consume.

There are very stringent targets in place within England & Wales with regards to carbon emissions. This includes the thermal performance of the entire building fabric on all new build properties.

How we can help you with SAP Calculations for new builds?

There are many factors involved in achieving a PASS on your SAP calculations. This includes many important decisions which will be needed on the initial design. Ratio Seven will work with you step by step. Help you develop your project to meet the required Building Regulations, environmental guidelines to achieve a pass.

Part L SAP Calculations Specialists

In most cases, there is no need for any site visits when developing your SAP calculations for a new build. We’ll use the layouts supplied. These can include construction plans, architect drawings and layouts.

Ratio Seven will endeavour to offer alternatives, to ensure you accomplish your intended goals and requirements.

In the many years providing SAP calculations for new builds, we’ve always completed the project with great success. We’ve made massive improvements over the regulation minimum.

Why are SAP calculations for new build so important?

The end result of providing SAP calculations is to provide the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for the property.

This procedure is carried out in two parts.

Design Stage

The initial design stage SAP calculations are required prior to the commencement of any building on the site. In turn, will create the PEA ( Predicted energy assessment).

On completion of property build and airtightness test, or air test will then be required. The data is then processed and placed into the design stage SAP alongside confirmation that the property has been built as agreed at the design stage. If any amendments have occurred prior to the ‘as built’ stage, these will need to be accounted for.


As-built SAP calculations for new build can then be generated and an EPC can be produced.

Need an urgent air test?

It is also possible to have an air testing engineer on-site with less than 24 hours notice. Please contact us for availability.

Please call us on 01270 747311 or fill in the form on our contact page if you require any further information on air tightness testing.