Drone Photography

Aerial Drone Photography – Residential & Commercial Developments

Building and construction site drone photography allows you to keep your projects on budget and right on schedule.

It is becoming more and more commonplace for building contractors to use drone photography to manage their building projects.

Using drone aerial photography it allows shareholders to get a full understanding of the development, from the planning stage through to completion.

Using a drone helps to document and visually monitor the build throughout the various stages of development.

In turn, this will give a full overview and will no doubt help save money through time and project management.

Drone video and photography is the perfect solution for a safe site inspection. This allows real-time video footage from hazardous locations.

This is a great and affordable solution for site and contract managers to gain a visual survey on any issues prior to them becoming a bigger problem.

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Drone Photography For Building Construction and Developments.

Building construction drone photography is an excellent and affordable way for building contractors to keep and close eye on the project.

From the start of the project through to the finish, drone aerial photography shows the project managers what is required to ensure all timescales are met.

This is also extremely helpful to keep within budget and to help keep shareholders and investors informed with every step of the project.

There are many advantages to using construction site aerial photography. This way, building contractors can easily manage any residential, industrial or commercial builds with ease.

Drone Photography

Benefits of using aerial drone photography on residential or commercial development include:

Topographical survey mapping

Site surveying and the creation of topographical surveys and maps.

Allowing a ‘birds-eye view’ of the new development site.

This is perfect to allow investors and shareholders to see the full information on the footprint of the development once the build is complete.

Helpful for building contractors.

Having a clear overview of the site will help stop storing equipment and materials close to unsafe ground locations. These can include power lines and/or busy roads.

Feasibility study.

With the use of drone photography data its possible to give a clearer and more accurate feasibility study. This is due to many construction tenders containing only initial drawings or draft sketches of the development. With the use of drone photography, you can provide exact information.

Complete site inspection, no safety risk.

Building sites are hazardous and tend to have many areas which are difficult to access. Using a drone can overcome this problem easily, without the risk to human safety.

Thermal imaging.

The use of a drone can provide useful information with regards to the ground and quality of the soil. In addition, using a drone for thermal imaging can help source heat loss as well as water leakage within the building envelope.

Promotion and marketing.

Aerial drone photography can give you some stunning images of your development, ideal for marketing and promotional purposes.

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