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Zero Carbon

Renewable Heat Incentive
Home Energy

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Renewable Heat Incentive is a payment system for building energy-efficient homes. It was introduced in England, Scotland, and Wales on 28 November 2011. The program replaced the Low Carbon Building Programme, which was closed in 2010. The incentives are available for new and existing properties. Read on to find out more about this scheme. It has many advantages and is designed to encourage home owners to install energy-efficient heating systems. The scheme is intended to reduce household energy bills and cut carbon emissions.

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Part L Building Regulations 2022
Project Management

Changes to Part L Building Regulations – June 2022

Last month, the government introduced new Part L Building Regulations. These new rules set out guidelines for the efficient use of fuel and power in new buildings. It was a significant step towards the government’s aim of making all new homes in England carbon neutral by 2016. But there is still a big question mark surrounding them, especially when the rules are still in their early stages. How will the changes affect the industry? Read on to find out.

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Net Zero
Zero Carbon

How to Build a Zero Carbon Home Including the Latest Technology

The original definition of zero carbon homes was diluted by the government in 2011, allowing the UK to rely on the term “zero carbon” only in relation to buildings with the highest energy efficiency. This definition includes heating, hot water, and lighting, as well as building services, but excluded built-in electrics and loose electrics. The result was that zero-carbon homes were only possible in homes with the highest energy efficiency. The UK now uses the terms zero carbon and net-zero.

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