Commercial Air Testing

Commercial Air Testing - Part L Building Compliance

Providing complete commercial air pressure testing services for all your Part L building compliance needs across the UK. From design to project completion, we help you every step of the way.

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The UK’s government has set itself a long-term target of reducing CO2 emissions by 60% by 2050.

Air leakage is one of the major factors affecting energy consumption.

Commercial and public buildings over 500m2 are required by building regulations to pass a Commercial Air Pressure Test.

Commercial Airtightness Testing

We have successfully completed many commercial air pressure tests over the past 12 years in schools, offices, retail units, and other public and government buildings.

Commercial Air Pressure Test

A fully tailored service is available from design review through successful completion of the commercial air pressure test, no matter if you are a local builder, a professional contractor, or a nationwide construction company.

Providing a Ratio Seven promise of excellence every time.
An all-in-one building compliance solution
An experienced team with extensive experience in large-scale projects
Engineers with experience and accreditation
We provide free advice and guidance
Always committed and professional
Testing reports delivered quickly.

Off-site or on-site design reviews

A plan to help you meet your goal, including a review of your drawings, analysis of design and fabrication risks, problem identification, and a detailed report to help you reach maximum airtightness before the actual commercial air pressure test.

Visit to the site for pre-air tightness pressure testing

As part of the commercial air testing service, one of our experienced engineers will visit the site ahead of the test as specified in Part L2A or L2B of the building regulations. This involves an in-depth look at the project with the client or site representative as well as the opportunity to ask questions and take notes. A number of our repeat clients value this service because they are able to improve their Air Permeability over time while staying ahead of regulatory changes.

Post-improvement air pressure test for existing buildings

When improvements have been made or remedial work has been completed, we are more than happy to conduct a commercial air pressure test to comply with Building Regulations Part L1, along with all test report(s) and certification. The engineers at Ratio Seven are certified by iATS.

Smoke Test & Report - Commercial Air Pressure Test

To identify leakage exit points and flow paths within a building, use odourless, non-toxic smoke combined with building pressurisation; this is the most effective way of identifying defects in the building structure. A smoke report, including photographs of the smoke damage, will also be provided.

Commercial Air Pressure Test – Site Visit

In accordance with part L1A of the building regulations, a site visit will be undertaken where we will explain the Commercial Air Pressure Test and the pre-test requirements, offer advice on general issues where potential problems may arise, and provide an overview of the air pressure testing process.

Testing the integrity of rooms

Room integrity tests are performed by pressurising and depressurising a gas-protected room to determine the expected retention time based on computer calculations. Following the testing, a report is issued that details whether or not the test was successful, pass or fail, as well as how much leakage may have occurred.

The Official Test for Commercial Air Pressure

Building Regulations Part L2A and L2B – Air Pressure Testing in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document L1, along with all test report(s) and certification. Our engineers are all iATS certified. A simple checklist will assist you in preparing your build for testing – A re-test is provided FREE OF CHARGE.

On a single site visit, we can conduct multiple multi-unit tests in the same day. Ratio Seven offers significant discounts for clients who conduct multiple tests this way.

Multi-Unit Commercial Air Pressure Testing

We undertake a great deal of Air Pressure Testing on behalf of many of the country’s largest construction companies. Typically carried out on commercial developments or mixed-use developments and commercial sites, the process of which can involve commercial air testing multiple buildings.

In cases such as these, Ratio Seven will provide a contract price and undertake to complete the work over multiple site visits or to perform a combination of residential and commercial air pressure tests on the same business day.

Projects of this kind will be individually managed, and we acknowledge that we need our skilled air test engineers to be versatile, flexible, and, most importantly, dedicated to delivering results on time.

Tests on multi-unit buildings are performed in compliance with Parts L1 and L2 of the building regulations by iATS Certified Test Engineers.

Additionally, we can arrange for all commercial test reports and certification to be delivered directly to the client or site contact, allowing them to monitor the project’s progress continuously.