Building Regulations

Are you a property developer, house builder, self-builder or planning a new development?

Building Regulations are the standards set to ensure any building is safe, sound and constructed to meet the minimum requirements laid out in the legislation.

Any new-build or existing property planned for alteration or conversion will need to comply with current Building Regulations.

As these standards are rigorous and constantly changing, it’s worth investing some time and budget into ensuring you are aware how to discharge those conditions as, without compliance, your project will not be allowed to progress or complete.

We can help.

Our knowledge extends beyond Part L and F (those relating to energy compliance). We use over 18 years of experience in the housing industry to deliver in-depth guidance to help you across all aspects of residential construction.

Our service will be tailored to your specific needs, we can provide simple guidance, a statement or a full report to ensure all conditions are met, and your project continues smoothly for the duration of the build or alteration.

Building regulations & advice